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I don’t normally write about my personal life, but hey I see that the bloggers who do often get more likes, haha.

I went on a couple of dates with someone the past few weeks and they told me they just wanted to stay friends. I took that and asked her to list out some reasons why she felt that way… out of thinking I could use her advice to improve myself.

Senior Ball 2012 00000

However, I realized that while I could maybe work on a few things, I also saw that the things she came up with were characteristics that made me who I am as an individual. I want to make myself a better person every day, but it wouldn’t be good to change myself so that no one recognizes me.

I see this as another example of finding our identity in Christ. I have to tell you I struggle with this every so often, but I also know what I want my life to look like and what it shouldn’t look like. And I think some of my spiritual growth helps me with this.

I wanted to find work with my college degree the moment I graduated, but it hasn’t happened that way. That is okay because I have had a lot of housework to get done, but I’m still submitting job applications. Sometimes the Lord puts us in a place for a reason. I get frustrated from time to time, but I also have to remember that making it to work every day at has blessed me with everything I have.

The one day I was working cashier when a group of Mormon girls came through my line. The one girl asked me if I had met missionaries like them before, and I told them yes. I went to my own church though. I reminded them that despite our differences, all these faiths practice finding salvation through charity, or idol worship, or sacrifice, but Jesus Christ is the only one who asks us to follow Him as He is the way to salvation. The girls agreed, and one of them gave me a copy of the Book of Mormon with the church phone number.

I went through a period of studying the history of the Mormon faith. Even though I do not agree with their history and literature, I find they are always very kind, very family-oriented, and very generous with what they have. I do not usually meet people who express their Christian faith this way. Remember, Black Friday and Christmas are coming up, and people are going to be materialistic – lots of pushing and shoving!

A pastor at my Methodist church recommended the

NIV Cultural Backgrounds Study Bible, a thick book that takes you through the scriptures and explains the history and context behind it for a modern era. As a result of the past few months, I decided to take a few steps in my faith. First, I bought the study bible and I am looking to read the entire bible from start to finish, even if it takes a while. Secondly, I went to a membership class and I went through a ceremony to become an official member of my Methodist church.

I had a pastor from another church tell me he gives special attention to registered members of his congregation…. I want all the same blessings as when I was just a regular attender, but the choice to become a member represents me officially making a commitment to my Methodist church as my home, and getting involved with community and outreach.


I was at a group when the speaker asked the audience if anyone knew who Ruth and Naomi were, or Jericho even. There was silence. The word is important too, because knowing scripture as a Christian helps us to give intelligent advice to those around us.

– James –

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