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February 2017 - Back To School!

Well, I'm off to college for the next few months, and I am looking for new opportunities, looking to have a few good laughs, the whole shebang.

Also, there are 100 days left until graduation!

Back at home, my father kept bugging me to mow the lawn for him. I was like, nah! I'm just trying to enjoy my winter break!

Alright, so I have a small confession to make. I was not always the best student in college. I did well in high school, and I did okay my first two years in college, and then as I was working on my bachelor degree, I did not do very well one semester and I was placed on academic probation for two semesters. Then, I was on the Deans List the semester after that. In our conversations, my academic support advisor gave me a glimpse of hope. She had told me that she was on academic probation at one point in college, and she changed things around and kept herself moving forward.

I was working up to 30 hours a week while at school, and I needed to change some of my outlook on life.

- James -

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