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May 2017 - Exams, Graduation, Life Thereafter

Hi everyone! Well, this is it... for now! The month of May means final exams week, college graduation (yikes!), and life thereafter! Double yikes!

I have been taking a lot of photos in my free time, and putting in job applications to various companies. I would say this is the scariest and most uncertain part of my life so far, but I just have to keep going with my goals in mind!

Here is a photo of me, getting ready to shoot some B-Roll footage for a class project. Yay B-Roll! Speaking of which, B-Roll is a term used to describe extra footage. Your main shots are A-Roll, with the actors doing their lines, and then your B-Roll can be behind the scenes stuff, often scenery, the little things that can be important to fluff up a video.

And then of course there was graduation. These are my classmates, and I was glad to take this photo with them. My father, my older sister, and her husband came to watch my graduation. They each told me the bleachers in the Brockport gym were murder on them, and the ceremony took hours, so much so that the college supported a separate ceremony for each degree program.

- James -

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