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November 2017 - This Holiday Season

Anyone who works retail around the holidays knows it can be a nightmare. I have been working the sales that began on Thanksgiving and bled into the weekend, ugh.

So what did I shop for on Black Friday? You guessed it! Camera equipment. I had bought an external flash for my camera, and some lens filters. I read an article that gave me some reasons why the built-in flash on my camera is not the best idea, and the article recommended me getting a good external flash for those situations when I might actually need a flash.

Article From Snapshot:

The only good part about working the holiday season is that the customers have been kind. I have witnessed several acts of charity at work... and so I will remind my readers to always be kind to those around us, even when it's hard. As much as we stand back and take photographs, we also have to be able to know how to make a positive impact on the world around us.

- James -

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