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September 2017 - Memory Lane

This month I am focusing on going down memory lane with some of my old photos from community college. There is something about looking back, seeing how far you have come, and considering how you can make improvements.

I am looking to open my own freelance business. I have been looking to line up an internship somewhere. I drove around my area and talked to different studios. One thing a few of the owners told me is that photography is basically a summer job, and it gets dead in the winter.

Another thing I was told is that photography studios are struggling to stay in business, partly because professional photography is so expensive, and in today's world, people have smart phones that take really great pictures. But is it really the same experience?

Remember, you don't need the most expensive equipment, it's your photographers eye that counts when it comes to capturing that prefect image. So I think people are going to continue looking for a professional because they are going to want that skill that goes beyond just a "mug shot" photo, haha.

- James -

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