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June 2019

I'm back to update my website. I have had a busy summer, working a full-time job, and blowing through most of my gas driving to photography appointments on the side. It's a little different these days, with the change in tax laws, my cousin drives a lot for work. He is finding that he can no longer write his gas mileage off on his taxes.   

May 2019

April 2019


This month, I volunteered with Flower City Outreach. I led a team of students to fix up a home in the inner city. Every year is an experience, but this year was a little different as we were dealing with a family whose culture was very different from ours. The students and I along with my co-workers did our best to handle it. We almost gave up after the first day, but then we persevered and accomplished the work. Check out my photos from the week!  


March 2019


This month is my birthday. To celebrate, my girlfriend took me out to a bar that matches your age with "free" wings on your birthday. It was definitely something different. Check out McGinni's!


Here is a topic for a video - since graduating high school, I have really struggled to find work in my media field. I always face fierce competition for scarce job positions. There isn't much for an entry-level person like me. I still work full time in retail, but I found I can also use apps like Upwork to pick up freelance gigs from companies on the side. Check it out!


February 2019


Valentines Day is coming up this month! I am personally shocked to say this is my first year being able to celebrate. I met a really great woman a few months ago, she is now my girlfriend, and we'll probably do something nice to celebrate - but this particular holiday is especially tough on single people, as those who are in a relationship post photos on social media with their significant others. Those not in a relationship always feel left out. But hey, when you're single, take time to work on yourself and keep putting yourself out there... and when you have that special someone in your life, be sure to show them how much you care regularly.


January 2019


It's the start of a new year. One thing I'm looking at doing is making a few videos where I share advice on topics that might interest people. I'm by no means an expert, but I have my own experiences that various sources have given me advice on and I do take notes.


If you frequently visit my website, you'll notice things are a little different. New visitors will see a half-complete website. I am job searching and I had a potential employer complain about this. Truth is, I migrated my website from 1&1 to WIX and I'm setting up an all-new design and features. It may take me a while to really get it the way I like. Bear with me!!!



December 2018



Merry Christmas! I hope you are spending some quality time with family this holiday season!



November 2018



October 2018



Another wedding this month. I'm happy to see my friends find love. I keep hoping to find some myself, haha.



September 2018



I love getting outside and doing different projects. That's what summer is all about. My father took retirement this year and him and I have been working on putting up siding on our house. Such a project will look great when it's done, but right now it's exhausting. One wedding and one senior photo shoot.

December 2016

My college class and I started out in September 2016 with a class on Web Publication and Design. Throughout the semester, my class learned the principals of good web design. As a culmination of these efforts, our final assignment was to build a website of our own using HTML!

Let me tell you, I now completely understand why people use a web host. At the time I used The HTML takes a lot of practice to really get used to, 

January 2017 - Photos!

We made it to 2017, and I have had the chance to upload a few new photos to my website. Have any recommendations? Be sure to let me know how I can make improvements!

February 2017 - Back To School!

Well, I'm off to college for the next few months, and I am looking for new opportunities, 


October 2017

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